School mode in Xplora smart watches

Enhancing Focus During School Hours

Recognizing the importance of minimizing distractions during educational time, we have integrated a feature that ensures children remain attentive in class. This functionality is specifically designed to align with the daily routine of school-going children, providing peace of mind for parents while supporting the educational environment.

With the activation of this feature, the watch enters a state where only essential communication is possible. Calls can only be made to and from predefined contacts, ensuring that the child remains reachable in case of an emergency without the risk of unnecessary interruptions during school hours.

Customizable Timeframes for Concentration

Flexibility is key in adapting to various school schedules and extracurricular activities. Parents have the ability to set specific time periods during which the watch will automatically switch to a mode that promotes focus. This customization ensures that the watch adheres to the unique timetable of each child, accommodating different start and end times of school activities.

Once the predefined period ends, the watch reverts to its standard mode of operation, allowing children to use the communication features fully. This seamless transition supports the balance between school responsibilities and after-school communication with family and friends.

Keeping Essential Communication Lines Open

While the primary goal is to aid children in focusing on their schoolwork, it is understood that being able to reach out to family is crucial. Therefore, the watch is designed to maintain essential lines of communication. Parents and designated contacts retain the ability to call the child’s watch, ensuring that vital communication is never compromised.

Similarly, the child can initiate calls to a limited list of contacts during these focus periods. This ensures that in any situation where the child needs to communicate with their parents or guardians, they are able to do so promptly and without hindrance.

Encouraging Real-World Engagement

The ethos behind our product is to encourage children to engage with the world around them, fostering social interactions and physical activities. By limiting the watch’s capabilities during school hours, children are nudged to participate more actively in their immediate environment, be it through classroom discussions, playground activities, or simply enjoying the company of their peers.

Outside of school mode, the watch serves as a bridge for children to stay connected with their loved ones, while still promoting an active lifestyle away from screens. The balance struck by this approach aligns with our commitment to keeping children’s best interests at heart.

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